Bone Health and Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis: A Silent Menace

Osteoporosis (OP) affects 24 million Americans. OP has no warning  symptoms - the first sign is a hip, leg, or spine fracture. At which point,  there are plenty of symptoms and a major impact on over all health and even longevity. 50% of American women will have significant osteoporosis, more than breast and uterine cancer combined. 1 in 2 women will have a fracture. Fractures are not only painful and a source of ongoing disability, they are a risk factor for death from all causes. 25% of women over 50 who have a fracture will die in the following year! The tragedy is compounded when you consider how easily Osteoporosis can be prevented. 

Bone Density tests how the Level of Risk

The bone mineral density test, called a DEXA scan, is the only way to get a precise measurement of the state of calcium density and strength of  bones. This test is important. In general, we recommend women to start DEXA scan 5 years after menopause, and men by age 60.

Why does Osteoporosis happen

Bone is constantly recycling itself. Old bone tissue is absorbed by cells called osteoclasts. Replacement new bone is produced by osteoblasts. Most OP is the result of bone resorption being too fast relative to bone building. The main issues in OP are inflammation and loss of bone morphogenic proteins, the tiny control chemicals that turn on bone and connective tissue growth. 

Inflammation is the key factor

There is a specific inflammation, abbreviated as RNKL, that causes the too rapid re-absorption of bone. Inflammatory triggers throughout the body cause RNKL to increase and be released from the osteoblasts which then cause osteoclasts to speed up re-absorption of bone, resulting in osteoporosis.

Main products for support of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

  • Ostinol: contains a range of bone morphogenic proteins.  These small proteins trigger the growth of new bone and connective tissue. No other product does this. Ostinol comes in several strengths and special discounts are available. 
  • Ostera: an unique herbal blend that reduces RNKL levels. Another product that may have the same effect and is cheaper is FruiteX-B. We think FruiteX-B (Calcium fructoborate) must be suppressing RNKL because the research shows it to be helpful in Osteoporosis, but RNKL was not measured in these studies.
  • Calapatite: We now know that calcium is not a major issue in OP and the high doses of the past really did not help, and in fact created serious problems. Calapatite is a calcium we like. This calcium is extracted from veal bones so it contains all the elements of young strong bone.

Success stories and special issues

We have worked with women, and men, with osteoporosis of all degrees of severity - from mild osteopenia to complete skeletal collapse - with generally good outcomes. Feel free to call us for recommendations for your situation:  (707) 421-2143.